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Announcements and Events for the week of: March 22nd, 2015:

Stations of the Cross:
We will pray the Stations of the
Cross on Thursday afternoons at 2:30 pm and Friday evenings at 6:00 pm.

Knights of Columbus:
Our next regular meeting will be held on Monday, March 23rd, at 7:30 pm.

Purchase Your Memorial Easter Lilies:
We are offering the opportunity to remember a loved one/ones by purchasing an Easter Lily to adorn the Altar for the Easter season. The cost will be $15.00 each and you may come by the Parish Office (302 S B St) to fill out the order form and pay for the lily. The deadline is
Monday, March 23rd. No orders will be taken after this date.
If you have questions, please call the Parish Office at
(620) 442-0566. Thank you!

CRS Rice Bowl
Lent 2015 - Hungering
for the Journey:

Join our parish community, a
nd more than 13,000 Catholic communities across the United States, in a life-changing Lenten journey with CRS Rice Bowl. Pick up your family’s rice bowl from the entrance of the church or the parish office and
don’t forget to download the CRS Rice Bowl app! Remember, your Lenten sacrifices change lives.

Altar Society:
The Altar Society will be hosting the breakfast for the IHM Sister on March 22nd, at 10:00 am. Please plan to join us and
help the Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Welcome to Sacred Heart Parish. May you feel at home!

Friend, welcome to Sacred Heart Parish, located in Arkansas City, Kansas. We are a Catholic community centered around the Body and Blood of Christ. I hope that you come to know our parish family and worship with us. We are a diverse group, about four hundred fifty families, comprised of English and Spanish speaking backgrounds. Yet, we are one in the Lord, and in our love for Him. Welcome friend. ~Fr. Patrick Reilley

Sacred Heart Parish

Guided by the Holy Spirit and the infinite love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our mission is to become a family of God’s children united in the Body of Christ.

Father Patrick Reilley, Pastor
Office: 302 South B Street (620) 442-0566
School Office: (620) 442-6550
E-mail addresses:

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

CRS Rice Bowl Stories
of Hope - Democratic Republic of Congo

Loving God, strengthen all families and communities throughout the world.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Hamuli’s story

When banana trees die, Hamuli Kahati has nothing to sell. And his family has nothing to eat. That’s why it’s so important for farmers like Hamuli in the Democratic Republic of Congo to be able to care for their crops.

Sometimes it isn’t safe for Hamuli to tend his trees—the DRC has a long history of war and conflict. Other times, the trees themselves get sick with a banana wilt disease. When the disease devastated the trees on Hamuli’s farm, his income dropped from $150 a month to only $7. He struggled to give his three daughters even one meal per day.

Catholic Relief Services helped start a field school where farmers like Hamuli could try different ways of treating banana wilt disease and learn new ways to work together. After training at the school, members visited each other’s fields and worked as a community to clean the disease off the trees. By coming together as a team, the farmers were able to help each other restore their farms and support their families.

Now Hamuli’s trees are thriving. With the $40 he earns each month, Hamuli’s family is eating two to three meals a day. He is even able to send his children to school. Hamuli knows that healthy harvests mean healthy families—and this is a lesson his entire community can share.


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